Our Mission

We, The members of Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the quality of life of those we serve by striving to provide a consistantly high levelof law enforcement services. We are committed to build a lasting community partnership with all we serve.

Our History

The Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency was proposed in early 1968 as the Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Unit. On November 14, 1968 five Municipalities (Town of Walworth, Village of Williams Bay, Town of Linn, Village of Fontana and City of Lake Geneva) voted to establish the Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency and a joint lake ordinance. The agency was established to patrol and enforce the law on the waters of Geneva Lake.

Patrols began in the summer of 1969 under Manager John Palmer. The first operating budget was approximately $16,850, with police officers earning $3.50 hour!

Managers since 1969 were; John Palmer, Dave Bollweg, Al Libby, Robert Pruessing, Wayne Zinser, Mark Billington, Ken Deakins, Robert Sparkman, Dave Kirmsse, and currently Tom Hausner. The title was changed to Commander in 2009.

Our Agency is a fully functional Police Department, but seasonal. The Agency currently operates from April through October each year. All officers are certified law enforcement officers with the State of Wisconsin.

The Agency is staffed by 15 officers, 1 Sergeant, and the Commander. We also have a part-time Secretary/Treasurer.

Currently the Agency is funded from only four municipalities - Village of Fontana, Village of Williams Bay, City of Lake Geneva and Town of Linn. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reimburses up to 75% of the operating costs.